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What is Bruxism?

The Bruxism It is the medical definition that is given when unconsciously clenching the jaw or gnashing the teeth, generally while we sleep, although during the day it is also possible to unconsciously.

Botulinum Toxin allows treating this pathology by relaxing the maxillofacial muscles by injection. In this way, you can not only fix the oral damage that may be causing the Bruxism but also the excessive 'shape' that the muscles of the face have so that it is possible, in some cases, to soften the features.


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Bruxism | Facial Aesthetic Medicine

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Advantages of Bruxism

  • You will end headaches on a regular basis.
  • Jaw pain when you get up or chew will disappear.
  • You will save money. Dental wear and broken teeth will never be a reason to visit the dentist again.
  • In addition, you can say goodbye to the discharge splint and go back to sleep peacefully.
  • You will stop grinding and clenching your teeth.
  • You will rest better and you will feel with more energy.

Details of the Bruxism Procedure


The technique does not require anesthesia, Botulinum Toxin is injected into the Masseter muscle responsible for grinding, blocking the nerve impulse of the corresponding area. The application of Botulinum Toxin does not affect chewing or speech.

Facial Aesthetic Medicine

Characteristics of Bruxism


1 session of 10 minutes


Not necessary




The Treatment can be combined with any other Renaissance


3-4 days after the Session

Facial Aesthetic Medicine

Frequent questions Bruxism

.The causes of Bruxism They are not sufficiently understood, although stress is considered to be the most important triggering factor, although there are others that may contribute to its delivery: Improper alignment of teeth, diet or posture.

Although some people do not have symptoms, bruxism can cause:
  1. Jaw and ear pain.
  2. Temporomandibular joint problems.
  3. Headache.
  4. Anxiety.
  5. Tension.
  6. Tooth sensitivity to cold, heat and sweet foods.
  7. Insomnia.

It's hard know what our body makes while we sleep, that's why many people don't know than suffer from Night BruxismIt is about from an involuntary habit than make than patients clench their jaws tightly or grind their teeth, rubbing or sliding, without any functional objective.

Pain in the mandible, on the neck or face

One of the most frequent indicators when wake is he jaw pain. This could be a sign of that the person may be going through a painting of Bruxism without knowing it.


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