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Renaissance Clinic Marbella

Facial Aesthetic Surgery

Why choose the Renaissance Marbella Clinic?

To the Dr. García Aparicio endorsed by an extensive experience of more than 25 years in surgery and aesthetic medicine, with hundreds of interventions with proven success. Due to his academic and teaching training, he is fully updated in all techniques of surgery and aesthetic medicine.

  • You will get an adequate and personalized diagnosis after an informative consultation.
  • We will advise you only the intervention that you really need.
  • You will receive clear and accessible explanations. Close deal.
  • We seek balance of shapes and naturalness in the results.
  • Continuous monitoring.

Bichat Balls
Produces facial thinning, achieving a more angular and defined face.
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Eyebrow Lift
Combats the sagging of the skin from the space between the temple and the eyelid, raises the eyebrow to a more natural position.
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Neck Lift
Firms and smooths the skin and muscles of the face and neck.
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Neck Rejuvenation
Eliminate the double chin or double chin and redefine the entire line of the mandibular arch.
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Liposculpture Gill
Corrects excess fat on double chin.
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Ears or Otoplasty
Corrects the shape, size and deformity of the ears "blow ears".
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Allows reshaping the nose, gives harmony to the face.
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Cheekbones or Malarplasty
Increased volume of the cheekbones. Rejuvenates, harmonizes and beautifies the expression of the face.
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Eyelids or Blepharoplasty
Rejuvenation of the eyes, eyes and face.
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Chin or Mentoplasty
It balances the lack or excess of its development, harmonizes the features.
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Firms the tissues, tightens the skin
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Facial Aesthetic Surgery

Treatments Facial Aesthetic Surgery

Facial Aesthetic Surgery

Real Cases of Facial Aesthetic Surgery

image of RHINOPLASTY before and after clinic renaissance madrid
image of RHINOPLASTY before and after clinic renaissance madrid
image of RHINOPLASTY before and after clinic renaissance madrid

Facial Aesthetic Surgery

Frequent questions Facial Aesthetic Surgery

The surgeries are performed at the Ceram Hospital (Calle Maestra Doña Carola, 8, 29600 Marbella, Málaga), with all the medical and logistical guarantees to cover the needs of the patient and companions.

In addition, there may be surgeries with hospital admission and night of stay in those interventions that require it, for greater care and patient peace of mind.

At Renaissance Clinic we continue to review patients after years of surgery, also completely free of charge. They will always consult with the doctor who treated them. We are very proud to continue treating second generations of our first patients.

Of course, at Renaissance Clinic we offer different financing options so that money is not a problem when it comes to performing any of our treatments. From 3 to 48/60 months and up to € 5,800.

Quality vs. quantity. Not only in medical procedures but in the expansion of Renaissance clinics. It is our seal of quality, which we put before the proliferation of more clinics in which professional ethics is linked to personal ethics. After more than 25 years in the sector, we continue to be the first clinics born in Spain with a corporate character.

Our philosophy is to advise only the intervention that the patient needs. Because a good result is not only obtained by applying the best techniques, but also by adapting the good diagnosis among the real needs of the patient, and what the procedures can achieve, disregarding any action when the patient has higher expectations of results than what is actually expected. they can get.

Of course, ask for your appointment (without obligation) and come discover what we can do for you, for your well-being and for your health.


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