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Lipomas and Cysts

What is a Lipoma or Cyst?

Lipoma or sebaceous cyst, is made up of lobes of adipocytes mature, usually surrounded by a fibrous capsule. They are located under the skin. It has a soft and rubbery consistency. They are mobile. They maintain the same size or grow very slowly.

Although they do not usually cause pain, sometimes they can cause it, if when growing they press on a closed nerve or if they are surrounded by blood vessels.

Most lipomas or sebaceous cysts can be removed easily under local anesthesia using cosmetic surgery techniques, leaving a small scar that is carefully closed with intradermal stitches, to improve healing.

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Body Aesthetic Medicine

Characteristics of Lipomas


Duration depending on the Patient (Normally 30-60 minutes)

It hurt?

Local anesthesia is applied, no pain is felt


Immediate, no recall required


Can be combined with other Treatments



Body Aesthetic Medicine

Real Cases of Lipomas

image of real cases lipoma removal clinic renaissance madrid
image of real cases lipoma removal clinic renaissance madrid
image of real cases lipoma removal clinic renaissance madrid


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