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What is Micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation, is a specialty related to aesthetics whose purpose is to beautify, correct or improve certain features of the eyebrows, eyes (eyeliner), lips or other areas to get to frame the look. The treatment consists of the implantation of pigments at the epidermal or superficial level to provide color and shape.

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How to choose a method for eyebrow pigmentation

Micropigmentation | Facial Aesthetic Medicine

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Micropigmentation | Facial Aesthetic Medicine

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Advantages of Micropigmentation

Get a higher density in the eyebrows in cases of hair loss. The permanent eyebrow makeup, Micropigmentation or Microblading, is especially indicated for women who have lost the characteristic drawing of the eyebrows. Modifications can also be made in the shape of the eyebrows (more elongated, curved, pointed, etc.).

The Eyebrow microblading It is the recommended technique to achieve the maximum naturalness and realism, and the Micropigmentation It is indicated for clients who demand longer duration of result.

Micropigmentation Details

What is Eye Micropigmentation?

When we talk about micropigmentation of the eyes we are referring to an aesthetic technique that manages to intensify your gaze in a semi-permanent way, since, thanks to the insertion of pigments in the skin, it will allow us to show delineated eyes without using makeup in our day a day.

And how is this achieved? Through the use of specialized equipment known as a dermograph and with which we can insert the micro pigments under the layers of the skin. These pigments are installed in the deep epidermis and first layer of the dermis, without damaging the health of our skin, in addition to allowing the progressive elimination of the treatment.

Micropigmentation of the eyes is a treatment that should always be done by a professional because it is a meticulous technique that requires high aesthetic, anatomical knowledge and knowledge of the working technique itself. At the Miriam Alcántara Institute we offer you a professional 100% service so that you can improve your appearance in an effective and surprising way.

Our professionals will be responsible for introducing the pigments into the epidermis in a millimeter. In this way, we will achieve a perfect result and a much more highlighted and striking look. Depending on the preferences of each client, the thickness of the outline can be more or less wide; more or less long, although the professional will always advise the patient to choose the project that favors him the most since the beauty of each eye in each person must be highlighted and enhanced and for this each one requires a very personalized style.

Although micropigmentation of the eyes is known as “permanent makeup”, the truth is that it would be more appropriate to call it “semi-permanent”. The reason is that over the months, the pigment disappears, so it is recommended to do a review every 1 or 2 years, depending on the skin of each person.

Micropigmentation Details

What is Lip Micropigmentation?

  • Correct natural asymmetries of the lips.
  • Correct lips blurred by scars, age, etc.
  • Correct wrinkled lips, providing a more youthful appearance.
  • Increased lip volume.
  • Increased color throughout the mucosa.

The micropigmentation treatment is very simple, it is a procedure in the cabin of approximately 1 hour or 1 hour and a half in duration, which once completed allows you to continue with your daily routine, although you should follow the post-treatment advice recommended by the professional.

It is also a very long-lasting treatment and if you are happy with the result, you will only have to do a touch-up between 1 and 3 years after the initial treatment.

Micropigmentation Details

What is Eyebrow Micropigmentation?

If you have depopulated eyebrows or with a design that does not favor the best, it is to bet on such innovative treatments as Micropigmentation of eyebrows. This aesthetic method is designed to improve the shape and design of the eyebrows, thanks to the deposition of small pigments under the skin that last semi-permanently.

With these pigments it is possible to balance the face and restore thickness to the eyebrows, as well as correct any damage that may be in the area. This treatment is carried out with a millimeter needle that is in charge of inserting the pigments into the skin. With this, it will be possible to simulate the presence of hair (Hair by Hair) and, therefore, reduce any baldness in the area, scar, wound, etc.

The result is impressive. You will wear perfect eyebrows semi-permanently and with a much more natural result than with other methods. Thanks to this technique, you can forget about makeup once and for all and you will wear a balanced and natural face.

One of the most common questions among people who want to have Eyebrow Micropigmentation is about its duration. As we have already mentioned, it is a semi-permanent method, therefore, over the years it may end up disappearing because the pigments will lose clarity. Normally, the treatment lasts for about 2 years although all this will depend on the skin and the particular habits of each person.

Micropigmentation Details


There are two ways to achieve this aesthetic improvement of the eyebrow:

  • Microblanding or better known as 'hair-by-hair technique' is a procedure for eyebrows similar to tattoos, but semi-permanent, where the professional uses a technique to create the appearance of hairs on the brow line. These streaks of hair mimic real eyebrow hairs creating the appearance of thicker, fuller eyebrows.
  • The microshading technique is based on the semi-permanent shading of the eyebrow. This shading gives the eyebrow more depth and is usually combined with microblanding.

Facial Aesthetic Medicine

Characteristics of Micropigmentation


60 minute session


Topical anesthesia




The Treatment can be combined with any other Renaissance


One month after the first application

Facial Aesthetic Medicine

Real Cases of Micropigmentation

real case image micropigmentation of eyes clinic renaissance Marbella
real case image micropigmentation of eyebrows clinic renaissance marbella
real case image lip micropigmentation clinic renaissance marbella

Facial Aesthetic Medicine

Frequent questions Micropigmentation

While the Micropigmentation It can last up to two or three years from its implantation, the Microblading usually lasts a year or a year and a half, less time than traditional permanent makeup. The duration of both treatments will depend on the type of skin, age, care, etc.

Do not sunbathe or UVA rays and do not have facial treatments. Only in lip treatment prevention of herpes simplex.

24 hours before: We must not take excitants (tea, coffee, caffeinated soft drinks or theine) or any medication or substance with exciting components. Do not take vasodilators: alcohol, acetylsalicylic acid, etc. Avoid as much as possible shellfish, spicy foods, strong foods or eat excessive red meat (so as not to increase uric acid levels in the body).

At first a scab appears due to light bleeding that appears darker in color. In a period of three to five days that scab disappears, so the appearance is that of a less intense coloration.

In a period of one month each skin will absorb more or less pigment, so even the hue can be reduced. Approximately one month, when the internal application has already healed, the first application is retouched to recover the pigmentation where there has been more absorption and thus give the pigment more permanence.

Much depends on the degree of sensitivity of each. However, it is very bearable and it has been proven that the discomfort is much less than you imagine. In Micropigmentation the pigment stabilizes by saturation in the most superficial layer of the skin, instead of deepening to a deeper layer, therefore there is less aggression and the pain is minimal or does not exist. However pain is always subjective. In the absence of deepening of the skin, inflammation and bleeding do not exist or are barely noticeable.


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