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Renaissance Clinic Marbella

Beauty Unit

What is the Beauty Unit?

Dull skin, large pores, blemishes, acne, wrinkles, blemishes, sagging, dehydration ... Who does not like to show splendid skin every day of the year? In the Renaissance Clinic Beauty Unit this is possible.

Carrying out one session per month of any of these treatments will ensure the care and maintenance of the skin in its best condition.

The effectiveness of these treatments is based on getting where creams for home use do not arrive. By crossing the first layers of the epidermis and get to dermis, we are carrying out an authentic and effective beauty treatment. These treatments are intended to activate the production of collagen and elastin, which are lost with age and which, among others, are the true causes of skin aging. Penetration to the dermis ensures a high level of efficiency and duration.

Discover our facial cosmetic surgery treatments

Beauty Unit | Facial Aesthetic Surgery

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Beauty Unit

Treatments for young skin that want to prolong youth on their skin. Treatments for skin not so young to regain a healthy appearance and slow down the passage of time. With just one of these treatments, once a month and with your home care, you can show off smooth, hydrated and luminous skin.

  • Treatments can alternate monthly with each other.
  • They do not deviate from social life.
  • They allow to extend the life of medicine and cosmetic surgery treatments.
  • Both for men and women.
  • Affordable (up to 50% discount on them).
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Facial Aesthetics | Beauty Unit

What is it and what results to expect

The medical peeling is made up of a series of products that produce an accelerated cellular renewal of the skin layers, being replaced by new ones of better quality, thus reducing wrinkles and increasing skin hydration, achieving skin more rejuvenated, firm and luminous. Today the medical peel is one of the treatments most demanded by patients to beautify and lengthen the youth of their skin.

Effects of medical peeling.

- Epidermal exfoliation. - Clarification and reduction of skin pigmentation. - Skin smoothing and wrinkle reduction. - Cleaning of facial pores and reduction of oil and acne manifestations. Facial hygiene. - Increased thickness of the epidermis. - Increased synthesis of Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid. - Improves the luminosity and texture of the skin. Close the pores. - Deeply hydrates the skin.

The medical peel maintains healthy, cosmetically beautiful skin by inhibiting the effects of aging. Today it is considered a non-invasive option, which allows you to continue with a normal life. Within this non-invasive option, there are superficial peels and some medium peels (they reach the middle dermis). When the peeling reaches Dermis, we speak of a very effective cellular regeneration, since in this layer the formation of collagen and elastin is stimulated, among other effects, which leads to more hydrated, turgid and elastic skin.

In addition to all the peels sharing these characteristics, the medical peel becomes more specific depending on the main problem that we want to treat, such as different stages of acne, blemishes, wrinkles, blemishes, sagging ... for which different active ingredients such as salicylic acid will be used , ferulic acid, mandelic acid, lactic acid, glycolic acid.

Its application is fast, (30 minutes), simple and painless.

Up to 5 treatment sessions are applied every 3 weeks / month.

Treatment precautions.

During the first week of treatment, the use of total screen protection factor and a regenerating cream will be recommended, which will be used on demand, since the skin, in the process of regeneration, needs more hydration and protection. The peeling in the superficial peels is hardly visible and in the intermediate peels there is a smooth peeling, for a couple of days, which does not prevent the normal development of social life.

We must banish the concept of the effects of medical scrubs of yesteryear. The techniques have evolved so much that they are one of the most demanded options for their effectiveness, currently for skin care. The aggressive peeling effect does not occur in peels, neither superficial nor medium.

Micropuncture Details - Beauty Unit

What is it and what results to expect

Dermapunt is an electric micro-puncture sanitary device, with an innovative micro-needle system that induces and regenerates collagen. It is used for facial and body rejuvenation.

The micro puncture system is based on the skin's natural ability to self-regenerate against any injury. Each head of fine needles punctures the skin and creates micro-channels or micro-wounds. These small lesions trigger the production of growth factors, which increases the production of collagen and elastin, in order to repair these micro wounds, specifically improving the texture, firmness and hydration of the skin.

Several objectives are achieved: - The micro injury produced will generate inflammation and, consequently, an increase in the emission of growth factors and multiplication of fibroblasts, increasing the production of collagen. - Opening of channels to be able to convey active ingredients between dermis and epidermis. - Improves communication between skin cells, responsible for maintaining the barrier function, pigmentation, elasticity of the collagen and elastin fibers of the skin.


- wrinkles
- Flaccidity
- Photo aging
- cellulite
- Large pores
- Scars
- Stretch marks
- acne
- Alopecia
- Hypo-pigmentations and Hyper-pigmentations

Treatment precautions

The days after treatment there should be no direct exposure of the treated area to the sun, nor should UVA baths be taken.

After performing a treatment, it is not advisable to make up the skin for the next 24 hours. An exception can always be made, in those situations in which makeup is necessary, which will be applied 4 hours after treatment.

At the end of the session, an erythema will occur on the skin, which resolves within 24 to 48 hours. A feeling of heat and a slight stinging may persist in the treated areas. This feeling will disappear in a few hours.

Post-treatment care

It is essential to continue with the guidelines and care at home. Use high sun protection, minimum for 10 days after treatment.

Features and advantages of the micro-puncture system

One of the advantages is that with the micro-puncture system, both facial and body areas can be worked with the same head and needles, since the system can adapt the depth and speed of the micro-needles, depending on the area to try.

In general, 1/2 sessions per month are recommended. The treatment will consist of 4 or 5 sessions.

This system can be combined with a preparatory medical peel that will further enhance the benefits of the treatment.

Treatment to be perfectly tolerated, the use of topical anesthesia is not necessary.

Virtual Mesotherapy Details

Mesostar electroporation

State-of-the-art technology that allows the automatic penetration of any active ingredient through the skin, by means of electromagnetic waves that achieve electroporation, or what is the same, the conduction of epidermis to dermis, of all kinds of active ingredients without the use of needles, as in traditional mesotherapy. A few minutes is enough to transport 500 times more active than a topical application.

Moisturizes, revitalizes and regenerates the skin. Excellent method to fight aging, obesity, cellulite and sagging. Virtual mesotherapy can be applied to any part of the body, except the breasts.

Some of the most widely used asset types

- Facial: hyaluronic acid, vitamins, collagen, elastin, nutrients, tensors, etc. - Body: lipolytic, firming, draining, mesotherapy cocktails, etc.

Manual Transducer
Facial electroporation and small body areas.

Body Transducer
Automatic electroporation of large body areas.

Unlimited effectiveness in your treatments:

- Cellulite. - Localized adiposities. - Reaffirmation. - Antiaging. - Physiotherapy.


Indicated for patients with mild or moderate flaccidity.

It consists of an electric field that heats in a controlled way, the deepest part of the skin, which produces the regeneration of the skin, which tightens it through the contraction of the collagen fibers of the dermis, achieving an improvement effect of laxity or flaccidity, which minimizes wrinkles and furrows on the skin.

The effect is more smooth, hydrated and youthful looking skin. Especially indicated on the face, neckline neckline. It can also be applied to the arms, inner thighs or any part of the body with signs of flaccidity.

They are treatments of 5 sessions at the rate of one monthly session.

The application is usually about 45 minutes approximately, depending on the areas to be treated. A slight erythema is observed that will disappear over the course of several hours. Immediate incorporation into social life.

Improvements Observed:

Facial rejuvenation and anti-wrinkle. Facial remodeling with a smooth skin effect. Tissue shrinkage. Skin cleansing.

Facial Aesthetic Surgery

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