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Summer is coming, the summer time par excellence, which invites us not only to enjoy our free time but to show off our best looks. For a complete look, nothing better than preparing the skin to look hydrated, luminous, uniform and elastic. Today in this post we will deal with how to prepare our skin so that it looks splendid at this time, with one of the star treatments of the summer and that each year is positioned more strongly for its effectiveness. Ferulic Acid Summer Peeling.

Let's go by parts, fundamentally the treatments should be aimed at:

Renovate the horny layer of the skin (more superficial), eliminating dead cells, which allows us to convert rough and rough skin (a symptom of dehydrated and dull skin) into skin with a smooth, clean and uniform-looking texture.

Hydrate the skin in depth, as a consequence of cell renewal, an increase in the production of collagen and elastin cells is achieved.

Reinforce it and to protectthe to prevent from the harmful effects of the sun.

We can achieve all this with Feulic acid summer peels.

As I already explained in the post ??, depending on the depth to which we go with the peels, they can be superficial, medium and deep. The choice of depth depends in many cases on the results we want to obtain and the quality of the skin we treat. These last 2 peels are always recommended to be carried out after the summer, when we are no longer going to have direct exposure to the sun, as in summer times. From fall to even late spring, if it were mild and not overly sunny.

Summer peels are within the range of superficial peels, which only treat the corneal layer (the most superficial of our skin) and renew it, eliminating dead cells from the stratum corneum in a controlled way, leaving it more luminous, clean, and elastic. and uniform. It has an excellent tolerance, since the peeling is minimal and imperceptible, so the treatment does not separate us from our social life.

If we combine the effects of superficial peeling with the properties of ferulic acid, we have the perfect combination to make an exceptional treatment for the skin.

  • Ferulic acid is a plant compound with high antioxidant power, which protects the skin from the attacks caused by free radicals, inhibiting and neutralizing their action. Protects cellular DNA, which gives it an anti-cancer effect. Provides skin protection from UVB and UVA rays. It enhances the antioxidant action of vitamins C and E. It prevents premature aging caused by ultraviolet rays, since it stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, inducing intense hydration. It acts on wrinkles, helping to prevent the appearance of expression lines and smoothing existing ones. Firms and improves skin elasticity, keeping it looking younger.
  • Reduces the accumulation of melanin, reducing and lightening spots, unifying the skin tone. Protects the dermal layer. This acid is capable of creating a protective shield that prevents damage caused by the sun and makes sun filters more effective.

This acid can be used for medium peels, increasing the number of layers and sealing the treatment with active ingredients that contain retinoic acid, which remains on the skin for a few hours. These peels would be advisable after the summer, to more deeply alleviate the harmful effects of the sun, producing a more visible peeling, which will last a couple of days but not so scandalous that they separate us from social life. It's peeling like when you peel after a mild sunburn.

The peeling sessions do not last more than 30 minutes and can be carried out even once a week. Although there is no deep peeling, if we are trying to unify the skin tone, it would be advisable to use a high protection factor, although this should be a constant in our beauty routines throughout the year, regardless of whether you submit to this type of treatment.

I must admit that I am in love with ferulic acid peels, for their safety, their effectiveness and for the high degree of satisfaction it creates in patients and in the professional who uses them.

May 13, 2021

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