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In Renaissance Clinic we have Dermapunt. Dermapunt is a fast, safe and effective anti-blemish pencil. This pencil renews the skin of the face or body treating wrinkles, expression lines, blemishes, acne marks, stretch marks, even scars.

It is a device in the form of a pencil that contains a head with microneedles, which promote the formation of collagen and elastin in a natural way. With the micro-puncture we can rejuvenate and repair skin imperfections without side effects that separate us from our social life. The microneedles create micro-wounds that the body automatically repairs creating growth factors that automatically repair the skin.

We can use it on the body or face. The depth of the needle can be adjusted, depending on the needs of the patient's skin and the area to be treated. In this video we explain how we use Dermapunt.

Among its benefits, its effectiveness in eliminating expression lines, stretch marks and even acne marks stands out. You will get a more elastic, firm, juicy and good looking skin. We are removing stretch marks on this patient's chest. Stretch marks that are still red.

Is it possible to remove stretch marks?

Red stretch marks (recent stretch marks that are in the healing phase) we can practically make them disappear with this micro-puncture treatment. While white stretch marks (old and that have already healed) other more aggressive treatments must be used because they cannot be removed 100% but we can make them almost invisible.

BEAUTY TIP: It is important to go to a specialist. The professional will study your case and you will be able to obtain an exact diagnosis of your stretch marks to know which treatment is the one that will favor you the most.

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