Aesthetic Medicine

If you take care of your hair every month, why don't you take care of your skin, which is the most exposed organ, which ages the most and which gives the most away over the years.

It covers the needs of your skin on a monthly basis, reaching where daily use creams cannot. Regenerating your skin from the inside out. Treatments that reach the dermis, the second layer of the skin and truly responsible for maintaining a fresh and youthful complexion. No cosmetic treatment is effective unless this layer is reached.

The basic care that we carry out at home only focuses on hygiene and hydration. These products do not penetrate beyond the epidermis, they only treat the skin at a superficial level. For a beauty treatment to be effective, it is necessary to use products and appliances that transfer the products to the dermis, which is the layer where the cells that keep the skin young and fresh are born.

Now Clínica Renacimiento puts it at your fingertips, with a series of monthly treatments with a very special price and only for our most loyal patients, or always or more special.

Treatments that in addition to being personalized, depending on the needs of each skin, are also adjusted to your time needs, due to the effectiveness of the treatment you will only have to come once a month, in addition to offering you a very special price. Without forgetting that they are medical treatments supported both with medical equipment and medical active ingredients, much more effective.

For us that does not cost you.

Facial Hygiene

(salicylic acid peel)

Virtual Mesotherapy

(Hyaluronic Acid, vitamin cocktail)

PEELINGs Medical (superficial and medium)

(moisturizing / regenerating / blemishes / acne, radiance)

Facial Medical Radiofrequency

(Sagging, regeneration, hydration, acne)

Dermapen (Micropuncture)

Micropuncture sanitary device that induces and regenerates collagen and growth factors)

Special occasions (Weddings, events, dinners, birthdays, farewells... )

Enjoy while you beautify yourself. Pamper yourself once a month.

If you come with a friend, you can benefit from the same conditions and you can also take the opportunity to go out splendid to enjoy an evening in which to show off an enviable skin.

Do not forget the support that we offer you from the clinic for any questions that may arise.

* Extends the life of medical treatments such as botox, bioplasty, Japanese threads, IPL, fillers, laser resurfacing….

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