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Regenera Activa is a novel, safe and effective technique, based on Cell Regeneration works, for the treatment among other pathologies, of androgenic alopecia of both men and women. This innovative technique has more than 10 years of experience and is approved by the FDA and CE. Quick results are obtained from 30 days of treatment to 3 months, in which the changes become more evident and visible. No need for recovery period and in one session. 

Hair Cell Bioregeneration It is a very simple process, which is carried out in a medical consultation with local anesthesia, with the patient being immediately incorporated into their daily activities. It consists of obtaining autologous cells (from the patient himself), with regenerative capacity, from the scalp. Said cells, after being treated, will be injected into the area to be treated. Due to growth factors and the new vascularization that occurs, a regenerative and repairing process of the hair follicle begins.

The objective of this therapy for Androgenic Alopecia is to slow down its advance, preventing hair loss, improving the capillary density of existing hair and stimulating hair follicles that are still in the treatment area. There is no possibility of recovering lost hair, but it can slow down the progression of this pathology, lengthening the life cycle of hair. The ideal patients will be those who still have a hair follicle in the treatment area.

The number of applications will be 1 time a year, being able to last up to a year and a half. The duration of the treatment is approximately 1 hour. The care will be limited to not sunbathing in the area and avoiding wetting the hair in the pool or beach. Do not use anti-fall lotions and shampoo with sulphites. Does not require recovery. Results are visible at 3 months.

Beauty-advice. Early diagnosis is essential, since the sooner the problem is identified the sooner it can be put on the brakes.

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